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Robert R Moore

Artist Statement

Bob's photoMy art consists of a combination of Realism and Expressionism. It could be called "Expressive Realism" if one wishes to attach an "ism" to my work. Colour, texture and shapes are the core of my wildlife paintings. Inspired by the untamed beauty of Canada, my home and native land. Exuberant movement and wildlife images imply energy and space beyond the obvious boundaries of the canvas. Art is conceived from my travels, experience and over the years my imagination has been playing a significant role in my creations. My art to me is an adventure and a passion. Every time I pick up a brush I start another adventure.



Artist Biography

Bob started creating art at an early age with his mothers unending encouragement. Unfortunately in those days Bob had to get a "real job" so his art was put away for nearly 30 years. In the early 1990's he finally got interested in art again, so off to school he went, this time to become an artist. Bob attended Emily Carr School of art and Design as an evening student as he still had a "real Job". Bob attended seminars , joined art groups and generally immersed himself in painting and learning. With his loving wife Susan he moved to Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia in 2004. Bob retired in 2007, since that time he has become more active in the arts community on the Sunshine Coast.

Robert R Moore GALLERY

Owl Galaxy
Eagle Nebula
Orca Galaxy
Cool Cats
Owl Galaxy--9x12
Eagle Nebula II--16x20
Orca Galaxy--9x12
Cool Cats--11x16
Creek Side Wolves
Great Bear Nebula
Wilderness Spirit
The Sentinel
Creek Side Wolves--20x30
Great Bear Nebula--9x12
Wilderness Spirit--24x36
The Sentinel--19x25


Artist Comments

I work mainly in acrylics because of the drying time and the versatility of the medium. I have also been known to dabble in watercolours occasionally.
More detail size, pricing, medium and ground etc. is available on my personal web site just click on the button below. Giclee prints are available in most sizes on request, you can E-mail me for information on prices and shipping. Please quote the size of the print you wish to purchase.