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Wilderness Spirit by Robert R Moore
Wilderness Spirit by Robert R Moore


Join the LoneTree Artists Group

Why should artists join our group?

Any artist who can place themselves as either an emerging, mid-career or a part time artist will benefit from having a group web site or their own web site to promote their work. Any time in your career it is important to be able have the exposure where anyone in the world can easily access and view your work.
The internet has become the accepted place to showcase your art to collectors and other art professionals. Collectors and professionals may want to view your work in person before they commit to a purchase, but the fact is they saw it first on your web site!

What is required of the artist to join LoneTree?

The only requirements is some information on yourself and some photographs of the work you wish to publish. We like to have a short Artists Statement and a brief Biography on how your art got to where it is today. A photograph of yourself and several photographs of the art you wish to have published.

What the LoneTree group will do for you.

What is it going to cost?

The LoneTree Group has a few options on costs . As we are also artists we understand that costs are important. There are time factors and whether personal web pages are involved etc.. Usually cost can run as low as $80.00 per year; for this we do all of the above. Just think for as little as $80.00 per year, your information is on the internet 24/7 and can be changed to new information at least once a month. We can design your personal Web Site and keep it maintained, costs will be determined on design and content in the web site. All costs will be agreed upon before we publish the site. If you already have a web site we can provide links from LoneTree at no cost. Try it out and get your first month free.